“QUICK SMILE” Dr. Mrzić dental practice was established in 1998. Later on, in 2010, it was expanded to a polyclinic by Primarius Amela Mrzić, MD, PhD.
Primarius Mrzić is a Dental Prosthetics and Laser Specialist, a reputable professional in the field, known for her expertise in professional circles in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

The polyclinic consists of several dental units and an operating room, and will soon have its own dental laboratory. It is located in the Sarajevo downtown area, at Importanne Shopping Centre, Zmaja od Bosne 7. 

The Quick Smile Polyclinic was established for patients, their health and confidence have been our primary goal ever since.

Our team of top dental experts uses the latest technology and will solve all your dental problems efficiently and on time. We provide valuable health results painlessly, with no stress or discomfort, and make you recognisable by your #quicksmile.


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